How to record a phone interview for a podcast (without using a phone)

The way to report a podcast from a cellphone interview

MARCH 2018 UPDATE: I am glad this video has been useful to so many individuals, however you must know that it’s totally previous, and I made it for a really particular viewers of public radio reporters. These of us usually personal exterior audio recorders for area reporting, and so I assumed this could be an excellent technique for them. It is also fairly foolproof and would not contain doing something fancy inside your pc. However this isn’t the tactic that I like to recommend to individuals these days. I usually report my distant interviews by utilizing a bit of inner audio routing software program (as a Mac person, Loopback is my most suitable choice) to ship the indicators immediately into the recording software program on my pc. I don’t use an exterior audio recorder.

There are many methods to report cellphone interviews for radio and podcasts.  I exploit an exterior audio recorder together with my Mac to report two completely separate tracks of audio; one with my voice on-mic, and one other with my visitor over the cellphone. I place my calls with Google Voice as a result of it being free to use, however you possibly can apply this similar technique to every other kind of voice communication that you are able to do over your pc. I do not recorder utilizing a landline cellphone as a result of I haven’t got one, and even when I did, I would want an costly digital cellphone hybrid to get clear, remoted sound of my visitor. I do not use a mobile phone as a result of cell telephones sound unhealthy, and also you are likely to get a number of nasty interference if you attempt to plug them right into a recorder.

Author: Adam Ragusea